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LGLPAK LTD. is an integrated export enterprise specialized in the production, processing andexportation of plastic bags and plastic packaging products.
The main products include: stripe bag, t-shirt bag, die-cut bag, food bag & flat water bag, patch handle bag, garbage bag, biodegradable bag and all kinds of woven bag and compound bag, etc.
Benefiting from the novel thinking model of the young pioneers, the company has formed an unique development pattern since its establishment more than one decade ago and it has always maintained keen perspectives on market, technology and internet. In 2015, the business scope of our company reached USD 20,000,000 with daily supply capacity reaching as high as 50 tons.

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To Serve Africa
Relying on China’s mature industrial production environment and technology, low labor costs, LGLPAK provides plastic packing products with competitive price for the African market.
To provide high-quality plastic packing products for African customers is what LGLPAK strives for all the time. Since its inception, the company provides the African market including Ethiopia, Angola, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria, Liberia and other dozens of African countries with more than 5000 tons of plastic packing products per year. After many years of our unremitting efforts and the continued support from customers, LGLPAK’s products had been found in all corners of Africa.


LGLPAK & Africa
Since its inception, LGLPAK devoted itself to provide the African market with competitive plastic packing products. For 10 years, LGLPAK provided 5000 tons of plastic packing products including plastic bags and woven bags for the African market per year, almost covering the whole continent of Africa.

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Relying on the high-quality products, competitive prices, perfect sales services, LGLPAK won wide recognition of the African market. More than 100 agents established fraternal trust relationship with LGLPAK.

Currently, the main countries of cooperation include:

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“To be a customer’s trusted and preferred brand supplier” is what LGLPAK strives for and we will always be strict with ourselves. We will also try our best to provide you with the most comprehensive solutions and the most perfect products and services at critical moments.

Focusing on the requirements of the customers, LGLPAK gradually set up a good brand image in the industry. After years of development and accumulation, the company has now begun to take shape and be gradually mature in sales, after-sales service, materials procurement as well as other business systems. Over the years, while creating more value for the customers, the company devoted itself to provide a better service.

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To help customers reduce cost, gain profit and feel assured is the major business philosophy for LGLPAK to be successful in the African market. The whole world, including the African market, is more sensitive to the price of plastic packing products. Different from general trading companies or manufacturers who lower the price by lowering the quality, LGLPAK help the customers to reduce cost while maintain a consistent quality. We believe this is the right way to keep a long-term cooperation with our customers and to ensure sustainable development of an enterprise. Therefore, LGLPAK mainly do the following points:

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(1) To greatly enhance the quality of the products and reduce the production cost through technical innovation, process improvement, introduction of advanced equipment and technology and elimination of outdated technology and production line.
(2) To reduce the cost of each process from production to the customer in the trade chain and thus provide customers with products with competitive price.
(3) To save every penny for customers by promoting the standardization and normalization of production and trade management process while reducing the hidden costs caused by possible misunderstanding.

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