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Application of calcium carbonate filler masterbatch in plastic products

For calcium carbonate filler masterbatch, most people have a misunderstanding. When they hear about calcium carbonate filler masterbatch, they will think that its main ingredient is calcium carbonate, stone powder, etc., and it must not be used in plastic products.


Many people think how can such things as stone powder and inorganic powder be added to organic plastic products? Will this not affect product quality? In fact, calcium carbonate (stone powder) cannot be directly added to the plastic. It must be organically modified by a coupling agent, so that the calcium carbonate can be organically integrated with the plastic products and better improve the plastic products. All aspects of performance.

With the increasing price of plastic raw materials, calcium carbonate filler masterbatch is deeply loved by the plastics industry for its rich resources, low price and superior performance. I will briefly introduce calcium carbonate filler masterbatch below.

(1) Calcium carbonate filled masterbatch can reduce the cost of plastic products, improve production efficiency, and obtain good economic benefits.

(2) Calcium carbonate filler masterbatch can enhance the rigidity of plastic products and increase the weight of products.

(3) Calcium carbonate filler masterbatch can reduce the shrinkage of plastic products and the deformation caused by shrinkage.

(4) Calcium carbonate filler masterbatch has good dispersibility: it has excellent compatibility with polypropylene and polyethylene, so even if a large amount of filler is added, it can still obtain a good appearance and smooth appearance.

(5) The calcium carbonate filling masterbatch has high whiteness and can be flexibly formulated to produce various color products.

(6) During the processing of calcium carbonate filler masterbatch, the use of coupling agents, dispersants, etc., can make the calcium carbonate filler masterbatch maintain good mechanical properties even with a large amount of filling.

Post time: May-21-2021