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Garment Bags

Generally, a garment bag refers to a bag used to keep garments (such as suits and dresses) supported by a hanger in a bag in a clean or dust-proof state. More specifically, the clothes bag refers to the kind of clothes bag suitable for being hung from a horizontal rod in a closet or similar storage space, and includes a rectangular top, a rectangular bottom and a front, a back, and inside and outside. Made of a thin transparent material that is impermeable to water, such as "Pliofilm", and also includes a rectangular wire frame below the top edge with a centrally placed crosspiece that can be bent up and down to form a hook for accommodating a hanger U-shaped ring.


So far, in this type of bag, it is customary to form the outer sides of two half-width strips, and the outer edges of the two half-width strips are connected to the front and rear adjacent or opposite sides by stitching and fabric binding. Adjacent to the edge. , And its inner edge forms a slit-like opening for inserting clothes into the bag and taking out these clothes, and associated with it is a continuous hookless fastener ("zipper") or snap fastener To detachably fix or hold them together. . In practice, it has been found that for a number of reasons, it is annoying to have a pocket with its outer side formed of two half-width strips and with a detachable fastening device between them.


One purpose of the clothing bag is to provide a clothing bag that is an improvement over the previously designed clothing bag and eliminates its disadvantageous features. Generally speaking, the improved bag is of standard or conventional design except for the outside. Instead of being formed by two half-width strips, it is composed of two full-width pieces, one of which is fixed to its outer edge. On the container. The continuous edge of the back and the continuous edge of the top and bottom edge of the bag and the edge of the continuous edge of the top and bottom of the bag, the other edge overlaps with the bag, and the outer edge is fixed on the continuous edge of the bag on the front and the top The and bottom edges are fixed to the top and bottom edges of the one piece, and are also fixed to the continuous top and bottom edges of the top and bottom. By forming the outer side of the bag with two full-width pieces other than half-width pieces, an effective closure can be provided for the bag, and there is no need to use fastening devices such as full-length hook-less fasteners or snap fasteners.

Post time: Apr-02-2021