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Serving customers, we don’t just talk

LGLPAK LTD. has always regarded serving customers wholeheartedly as its purpose, which requires not only a service attitude, but also excellent professional qualities; otherwise serving customers will be deliberate and powerless. In daily work, how do our business staffs do?


Professionalism and detailed preliminary preparation: For a professional customer, our foreign trade salesman has made detailed preparations before replying to the customer with a deep understanding of the product and industry, and continuous accumulation and learning. Tell customers our core advantages and price levels, and tell them our price advantages, quality and service characteristics.

Really meet the interests and needs of customers: During the process of communicating with customers, salespersons deeply understand customers’ most real needs and confusions about products and orders, take the initiative to solve these puzzles, and sincerely empathize, stand on the customer’s Perspective for customer service.

Sincere service and high-quality service details: doing foreign trade is a tedious job, the order process is more a process of communication between foreign trade salesmen and customers. During this process, our salesmen are on standby all day, as long as the customers need it. , No matter what the problem is, we will reply to the customer within 24 hours.

Cooperation with purchasing department: In addition to product quality, what customers care most about is price. A competitive price is particularly important. When we get the inquiry, we will work closely with our colleagues in the purchasing department to strive for the most favorable price for our customers, and to implement the win-win cooperation.

All employees of LGLPAK LTD., no matter their attitude, professionalism, or the service consciousness formed under the influence of the company’s corporate culture, all present our most real state: serving customers, we are not just talking.

Post time: Aug-13-2021