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What is vest carrier bag?

We usually use plastic bags and there are many types of plastic bags. Today I am going to introduce you to what a "vest bag, literally understood" is. The shape of a vest bag is like a vest. Our garment bag is very cute and both sides are high. The vest bag is actually a plastic bag, which is very common in our lives. It is thicker than ordinary thin bags; it is tough and has strong endurance. It is often used to make supermarket bags. There are three models usually, small, medium and big. We usually use vest bags in fruits stores, shopping malls, etc..


The sturdy vest bag is usually a reusable bag. The other name of the vest bag is the t-shirt bag, of course it is also called from the outside. We use all T-shirt bags to leave a few small rounded openings in the middle of the handle. The purpose of a plastic bag maker is to make it easier to fold these bags, and each time it is towed, it can be removed from the bag. The bags are dragged across the stack. The extra hole is that the rest of the material is thinner than itself, so the bag can be released easily. The t-shirt bags that we usually use will see advertisements printed on them, often with business names, addresses, phone numbers, services and their logos, which is convenient for consumers to use in circulation, and the companies promote their awareness of advertising. . , And promote the brand. Merchants who order t-shirt bags can customize their own t-shirt bag specifications to suit their own customization requirements. This not only brings more convenience to consumers, but also displays their own characteristics of commercial image and promotional products, and allows consumers to easily identify impression brand increase, fully staffed Such a small vest bag reflects not only the wisdom of the manufacturers and consumers of plastic bags, but also only meets the psychological needs of consumers in the convenience of the center of life. The small vest bag is indeed very useful to us, and the reputation is obvious.

Post time: Apr-07-2021